Vietnam – VNACCS Enables Single Window

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Vietnam Customs Successfully Deployed VNACCS/VCI thanks to NACCS of Japan

Vietnam officially operates online public service system. ​From Mar 1st 2017, General Department of Vietnam Customs officially operates online public service system at nation wide to take over and process customs administrative procedures.


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Vietnam officially operates online public service system.
M.A 13/03/2017 12:00 AM

​From Mar 1st 2017, General Department of Vietnam Customs officially operates online public service system at national wide to take over and process administrative procedures in customs at

Vietnam Customs successfully deployed VNACCS/VCIS

M.A  10/11/2015 12:00 AM
On  30th Oct 2015, the General Department of Vietnam Customs held the preliminary Ceremony of  one-year deployment of VNACCS/VCIS system. According to the overall assessment, the system has been successfully implemented, completed basic objectives originally set out, met the requirements of the state management on customs, facilitating business and becoming useful tools not only for the customs authorities but also other state agencies.

Preliminary assessment of VNACCS/VCIS project.
The core system of export and import goods clearance
The Deputy General Director, Vu Ngoc Anh gave a positive assessment at the preliminary conference by confirming that the project VNACCS/VCIS has successfully resolved all 3 issues including technology, legal basis and organization apparatus. Just in less than 3 years, Vietnam Customs with assistance from Japan has completed huge workload, including the negoting and signing the project, designing design, completing legal basis, piloting implementation, training and supporting to the users, operating officially..

In particular, the Deputy Director General highly appreciate the success of the project implementation which dispeled the concerns, fears of a new system, introducing one of the the most mordern information technology systems in Southeast Asia.

The project has prompted Vietnam Customs and other government agencies to successfully implement national single window (NSW), to facilitate trade and investment in our country as well as enhance the effectiveness, efficiency of state management. The completion of the project objectives has extremely great significance to enhance the prestige and honor of Vietnam Customs in particular and Vietnam Government in general in the eyes of international friends, especially the Government and Japanese people.
Especially, during project implementation, the project always completeted in schedule with required quality. All components and important contents of the project are completed in time without any delay.

Deputy General Director Vu Ngoc Anh affirmed that project VNACCS/VCIS has been successfully deployed.
VNACCS has really become the core system of the customs sector in implementing import and export goods clearance. Since being put into use, VNACCS has been operated stably with very high performance 99.9%.
Successful deployment of the project and VNACCS/VCIS system is considered as a prerequisite and a leverage for customs sector to complete objectives on administrative reform in accordance with Resolution 19/NQ-CP of the Government. At the official and unofficial forums, it can bee seen that the business community highly appreciate effectiveness and practical benefits that this system brings, such as fast processing speed and response, high stability, decrease of paper records, friendliness and support for users to reduce clearance times and costs for businesses.
Successful experiences
Mr. Makoto Kato said rate of customs declarations processed through the system VNACCS/VCIS in Vietnam is even higher than Japan with over 99%, while system NACCS/CIS in Japan handles about 98%. Biggest lesson, the biggest determinant of project success is the support of leaders at all levels, especially high concern, close direction of the Party, State and Government .
Through proactive reporting, consulting, proposals, recommendations, the General Department of Customs has enlisted the support, effective support from the leaders. Factors ensuring the success of the project is to promote the power of the whole sector through suitable mechanisms and methods. At the same time, promoting the role of the head of the unit, the creative activeness of the city and provicial Customs Departments.

Right and drastic direction of General Department of Customs is very important, with direct leadership of General Director and Deputy General Director – Head of the VNACCS/VCIS project implementation Board. Especially, in the decisive phase as running test, running officially … under bravery and creative decision of the General Department of Customs which helped Vietnam Customs to go in right track and achieve superior results. Besides, the General Department of Customs has had many scientific innovation in methods and ways of implementing. For example, training in spreading way with  the most number of trainees  in a short time, implementating officially with the rolling  method …

Coordination and support are paid attention and implemented effectively. These officers who are selected to perform these tasks are enthusiastic with high responsibility and good analytical skills, synthesis and methods of scientific work, good communication … Policy for handling difficulties, support are made in scientifical manner. A special department to support users (Help Desk) was established with the professionalism and expertise.
Improving the efficiency of the system VNACCS/VCIS in future

In next time, the General Department of Customs will continue to use VNACCS/VCIS as the information technology core system for import and export goods clearance. VNACCS system will also be connected to the national single windows of the other ministries to perform administrative procedures through the national single window.

To further improve the efficiency of the system VNACCS/VCIS, General Department of Customs will also continue to extend connectivity with IT systems of the ministries, banks, business offices, port business and other related units. The project “Technical Support to improve the efficiency of automatic clearance system VNACCS/VCIS” will focuses on a comprehensive assessment of the functions of the system, improving capacity of risk management and post clearance audit. The Customs Sector will continue to ensure the communication infrastructure; expanding IT applications in the field of customs operations; improving the capacity of collecting, analysising, processing information, supporting in making decision for executive direction of the customs authorities at all levels on the application of integrated IT systems.

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Viet Nam Automated Cargo Clearance System


ベトナムは、1986年のドイモイ(刷新)政策導入以降、継続的に経済成長を達成しており、2007年~2014年の平均成長率は5.84%と、東南アジア地域の中でも比較的高い成長を達成している。この背景には2007年1月のWTO加盟以降、急速に伸びた外国直接投資があげられるが、これに比例し、輸出入申告件数も2002年の116万件から2010年には416万件へと急増した。そのため、税関職員の業務負担も増大していることから、ITを活用した輸出入・通関手続きの効率化がベトナム税関総局(General Department of Vietnam Customs, 以下「GDVC」)にとって喫緊の課題であった。また、2015年末にASEAN経済共同体が発足する予定であり、域内貿易の自由化による経済成長と共に、輸出入・通関手続きの更なる効率化が求められている。

このような状況の下、GDVCは、ナショナル・シングルウィンドウ実用化や通関手続きの簡素化・国際的調和化といった税関行政の近代化を強力に推進しており、「税関近代化5カ年計画」に基づき、必要な法・体制整備や人材育成等を行ってきた。その一環で、GDVCは、わが国財務省関税局をはじめとする関係機関が使用している輸出入・港湾関連情報処理システム(以下「NACCS」)および周辺システムの技術的優位性に鑑み、NACCSおよび周辺システム技術を活用したベトナムの通関ITシステム(Viet Nam Automated Cargo Clearance System, 以下「VNACCS」)構築について無償資金協力「税関近代化のための通関電子化及びナショナル・シングルウィンドウ導入計画」を2011年9月に我が国政府に対し要請し、2012年3月にE/N署名交換(26.61億円)を行った。その後、2014年3月に完工、2014年6月に全国導入が完了している。