NACCS OCT2017 AFR Upgrade Final

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NACCS –  A Next Upgrade of Oct2017 Finalized
A Campaign Starts from April 2016
AFR: The New Version Expects to Simplify Operation

出港前報告制度: 業務フロー見直しと改善策(13項目)

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A Summary of the 6th Upgrade (in Japanese)


(Source: Cyber Shipping Guide 2016-3-9 by Ocean Commerce)

輸出入・港湾関連情報処理センター(NACCSセンター)は4日に第6次NACCS(輸出入・港湾関連情報処理システム)の最終的な詳細仕様を確定(7日付既報参照)した。今後、海上/航空共通で4-5月に業務仕様などの説明会、8-9月に自社システム利用者/海外サービスプロバイダーなどの接続試験説明会、10-12月に利用申し込み・システム設定調査説明会、12月中旬から17年4月にかけて接続試験、4-5月に全利用者の総合運転試験説明会、さらに6月中旬から9月まで総合運転試験(Phase I の接続・機能確認、習熟訓練、機能確認、実運用に即した業務確認などからPhase IV のメインセンターへの3日間の接続確認)と移行説明会を経て10月に本稼働に入る。



「航空機能」の特徴は、B to C拡大など物流実態を踏まえた機能改善(HAWBの登録可能件数の拡大など、航空物流におけるEDI化の推進(海上機能における航空貨物の通関機能廃止)など、「海上機能」は海上物流フローの見直し最適化、港湾サブシステムのNACCS本体への統合などシングルウインドウ機能の改善、ユーザーインターフェース改善へWeb化を導入、さらには港湾手続きEDI化の推進などを特徴としている。



NACCS – The 6th Upgrade Details Confirmed

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主な資料-PDF (in Japanese Language)

1) 第6次更改 最終報告-要約版- NACCS-6thUpgrade-Summary_Mar2016

2) 第6次 NACCS導入スケジュール NACCS-6th-Schedule_Mar2016

3) 事業計画について NACCS-BusinessPlan_Mar2016

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(海上業務編 出港前報告制度にかかる関連業務の検討項目と結果)
海上業務編(出港前報告の関連部分のみ): ここをクリック

① 「積荷目録情報登録(MFR)」業務の省略可能化
② 「積荷目録情報登録(一括)(MFI)」業務におけるCY一括登録機能
③  船舶情報の変更に伴う再報告の簡素化
④ 「出港日時報告(ATD)」業務後のCMR,CHRの可能化
⑤ 「関連ハウス事前通知(DNU)」の改善
⑥ 「積荷目録情報登録訂正(積荷目録提出後)」業務における運用手続きの簡素化
⑦  積荷情報削除時における削除理由の入力
⑧ 「出港前報告訂正(ハウスB/L)(CHR)」業務におけるマスターB/L番号の訂正可能化
⑨  出港前報告不一致B/Lの一覧照会の可能化
⑩  マッチング判定結果の通知の改善
⑪  積荷情報の一意制約項目(航海番号)追加
⑫  B/Lセパレート等発生時における機能改善
⑬  出港前報告制度および入港前報告制度にかかる業務における入力項目の変更点


(Source: Free Translation by CS24 Editor)

AFR (JP24) – The New Version Expects
to Simplify and Streamline Operation

Since the start of NACCS system in 1978 serving the trade community in Japan, a periodical regular upgrade of system has been made in every 8 years. The next enhanced version is scheduled to be released in October 2017. A planning of such upgrade always mirrors a variety of emerging elements occurring in the trade industry during the course of 8-years period. To have the public and private sector in Japan well informed on the coming Oct2017 content, NACCS has released its “Interim Report” (NOT final) to cover various new requirements where AFR is one of such issues. It defines comprehensive agenda on how to enhance the government platform or system foundation that can work more efficiently and effectively with the trade business community.  Some consideration of “Single Window” agenda may be expected to reflect into the new version. It also addresses more operational day-to-day matters including the very agenda we place on the table here i.e.the ocean cargo security filing named AFR(JP24).

After the implementation of AFR(JP24) system on March 10, 2014, NACCS have received a wide range of feedbacks and comments from the user community in Japan and overseas relative to specific procedures as well as system functionality. The Interim Report of AFR section in particular has identified a total of 13-items as NACCS’s answering responses. Please refer to the list below together with the new business flow chart hereby shown.

  1. To simplify MFR(Manifest Registration) process by eliminating redundancy of AMR/MFR
  2. To facilitate entry of MFI data without AMR having Container Operator Code
  3. To simplify entry of vessel data changes by adding new feature
  4. To enable and relax entry of relevant data changes even after ATD issued
  5. To streamline processing of DNU information
  6. To facilitate entry of data correction via NACCS instead of Customs
  7. To simplify entry of business reasons why data deletion required
  8. To streamline entry of House BL data changes without deletion of Master BL
  9. To enable listing of unmatched Master and House BL
  10. To have Carrier and NVOCC learn information on unmatched BL in a timely manner
  11. To streamline relevant key data configuration by adding voyage number field
  12. To improve relevant features of processing separate BL
  13. To have overall review on data entry currently done by AFR and MFR

AFR(JP24) New Biz Flow Planned

NACCS Document – AFR (JP24) Planned PDF (in Japanese only): Click here