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Infographic: SOLAS Container Weight Verification

The Verified Gross Mass (VGM) Requirement Statistics & Analysis

Improperly declared container weights have a serious impact on the stability of vessels, trucks and terminal equipment. This can pose safety concerns at the port and beyond. Covering 171 countries, the SOLAS Container Weight information is also about moving data as well as maintaining and improving safety standards.

Download the Infographic as a PDF (1,243 KB)

Carriers, forwarders and shippers should note that the following are of key importance regarding the regulation:

  • Timing: The transmission times of data may vary between ports, carriers, shippers and the vessel
  • Format: Messaging protocols may vary between ports, carriers, shippers and the vessel
  • Validation: Data that exists in current ERP and other systems may need to be reviewed for accuracy (this especially applies to shippers)
  • Preparation: All parties will need to ensure that technology is in place to effectively transmit data as required

Verified Container Weight Infographic
Download the Infographic as a PDF (1,243 KB)