Going Paperless ペイパーレスの効用

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Going Paperless

Boosting Performance & Profit

Leading fleet operators are removing paper and manual processes to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Route Management: Efficient automated routing with real-time visibility and mobile solutions lets you respond to customer changes on the fly – no paper required.
  • Proof of Delivery: Data is collected, consolidated and transmitted wirelessly, virtually eliminating paperwork.
  • Compliance Management: Technology accurately reports data to comply with government regulations and company policies while eliminating excessive paperwork.

Going Paperless with Descartes


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デカルト社ではグローバルとローカルの両視点からサプライチェーン全般、特に業務電子化やネットワーク化を実現するシステム基盤やロジスティック・ソリューションについて資料の掲載をしています。国際物流に必要な経営資源をどう確保し有効活用するか、業務効率をどう改善するか等々についての知見が“Descartes Knowledge Center”にはあります。この情報箱を是非ご利用ください。

Managing the entire delivery process and gaining real-time control over logistics assets and a mobile workforce has many benefits for manufacturers, retailers, distributors and their logistics services providers. Click on the links below for more information about how to manage critical mobile resource management challenges including compliance, route planning and performance management.

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