ACE SW One USG 省庁手続の一覧

(Source: CBP、ITDS)

– One United States government

In November 2015, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sent a new message to the trade community that a new functionality of “One United States government (One USG)” message allows an easy tool to traders. By using this facility, all relevant information on the goods if have arrived, that all data required for entry has been submitted to the U.S. government, that all participating government agencies that regulate the goods have issued a “may proceed” and that CBP has conditionally released the goods from its custody. These messages are based on the data received from the trade.


2015年秋の以来のACEの新たな動きの報告です。CBPでは貿易貨物に関する官庁手続の進捗状況等を分かり易く”One United States government (One USG)” として提供します。これは海外からの輸入貨物について、当該貨物の到着から引渡しまでに必要な関連省庁の諸手続(申請・認可等)の最新状況を一本化して照会を行える新しいACEによる機能です。米国ではACE SW Initiativeに向けた様々な動きがありますが、これは2016年12月に計画されている国際貿易に関するデータシステム、International Trade Data System (ITDS) とも直接関係しています。

  CBP Single Windows OneUSG 

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(About ITDS)

A Partnership of Government Agencies Committed to the
Modernization and Facilitation of International Trade

On February 19, 2014, President Obama signed an Executive Order streamlining the import and export process for America’s businesses. This Executive Order requires the completion and government-wide utilization of the International Trade Data System (ITDS) by December 2016, and establishes a two-tiered governance process to oversee its implementation. Upon full implementation, ITDS, through the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), will allow businesses to submit the data required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and its Partner Government Agencies (PGAs) to import or export cargo through a “Single Window” concept.


– The North American Single Window Vision Working Group

The North American Single Window Vision Working Group (NASWV WG) was formed, consisting of importers, filers, software vendors, Canadian and Mexican trade partners and CBP representatives. The focus of the WG is to facilitate a collaborative dialogue between CBP, partners in CBSA and SAT, and the broader trade community to clarify the future vision for a potential North American single window, predicated on specific operational, enforcement or facilitation objectives, with a goal of enabling process improvement and information sharing. Three initial meetings have been held – two by the WG leadership and the initial, full membership meeting. Two “homework assignments” have focused on: 1) identifying the concept of a North American Single Window and three business challenges and opportunities, and 2) improving and finalizing the WG Statement of Work (SOW). The WG will continue its work and prepare recommendations for a vote at the January 2016 public meeting.


もうひとつの米国のSWへの動きに米国・カナダ・メキシコからなる北米大陸全体をカバーするシステムによる業務手続の簡素化に向けた新たな動きがあります。これが米国を軸としたThe North American Single Window Vision Working Group (NASWV WG)の存在です。これは米国の官民委員会、The Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection (COAC)、が主導する活動で2016年2月のPublic Meetingでは同委員会としての正式提案を予定しています。米国ACE自体の進捗が幾つもの課題を抱えていますが、SWに向けて隣接するカナダ・メキシコとの連携を目指す動きとして注目されます。

North America Single Windows Vision Group

United Nations Report on USA SW