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AESDirect Migration to the CBP
Automated Commercial Environment

Census BeureauからCBPへ移行-2016年

米国のACE(シングルウィンドウ)に従来の業務を組み込む動きのひとつとして、これまではCensus Bureau(統計局)の管轄下にあった米国の輸出貨物に関する電子報告業務( AESDirect)をCBP(税関国境警備局)のACE Portalへ2016年に移行することが予定されています。このことについて、デカルトシステムズ社のWebsiteでは幾多の情報について詳しく知ることができますのでご利用ください。

The U.S. Automated Export System Direct (AESDirect) Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing service will be moving from U.S. Census Bureau management control to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) Portal in 2016.

How Migration to AESDirect Is Expected to Affect Business
Practices, AESWeblink and AESPcLink Software and AES Filings

The below information has been collected to help you stay current with the changes to the Automated Export System (AES) Direct system.

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The Refactored AESDirect and Descartes

Descartes is a leading logistics technology provider that offers solutions to help boost productivity maintain recordkeeping requirements and improve processes within a centralized system. Descartes U.S. Exports™ is a globally-accessible web-based application that can help:

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  • Mitigate risk with an integrated Denied Party Screening (DPS) solution
  • Add to compliance with options for more streamlined classification
  • Improve communication through the receipt of automated emails upon successful filing

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(Source: CBP ACE website)
The ACE Basic

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