BAL HP Front Cover Renewed 表紙改訂

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In line with the CargoSecurity24 Project, BAL’s (Brainetta) website front cover is renewed. It directs to CS24 blog site from various pointers. Please also take a look at BAL website where you may find Descartes business menu other than Cargo Security issues.

ブレインネッタ社のホームページ表紙(英文、邦文)は、今回の「貨物セキュリティ情報箱 CS24」の開設プロジェクトを軸に従来の内容を修正しました。CS24での情報発信を含めて、デカルトシステムズ社が提供するサービスへの支援をより強めていきます。

BAL Supports Descartes System’s Various Cloud Services i.e.
The Value Added Services for
Supply Chain Management


Descartes - The Global Leader in Logistics Technology

Supply Chain Visibility – Descartes Systems Will Assist Your Business

Descartes Visibility, Tracking & Performance Management solutions help improve logistics efficiency by providing our customers and their supply chain partners with a single integrated view of shipments, inventory, cross border compliance status and delivery performance. Integrated with the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), users benefit from ready connections to carriers and more data points in the supply chain (than other providers) to track and analyze. The MMTT is one part of these features where the robust, network-based, modular, end-to-end multimodal functionality spans the entire shipment lifecycle. It is to streamline and enhance your ability to turn purchase or sales order fulfillment into transport orders, manage carrier contracts, optimize and execute transportation plans, connect to trading partners, control the flow of prepaid freight, track shipments and inventory, audit freight and manage supplier/carrier performance.

  • MMTT- Multi Modal Track and Trace
  • Descartes Visibility Products – An Overview and Details

Supply Chain Visibility  サプライチエーンの可視化

現在の地球規模で日常的に行われる国際取引では以前と比較できないほどに世界は小さく、結び付きを強めて瞬時に様々なパートナーとお互いが関わる時代を迎えています。そうした企業では産業や国境 を越えて新しい技術が革新的方法で仕事を効率化、最適化しています。サプライチェーンに特化して「人々と技術を結ぶ」、それがデカルトシステムズ社(DSG)の仕事です。そこでは大きく見えるものを小さく、複雑と思えるものを簡単にすることができるロジス ティクス技術プラットフォームを提供します。必要なもの(製品、人、或いはデータ)を 必要な場所に必要な時に用意する、それが国際貿易・輸送を支えるGLNネットワークで す。最新のシステム技術、つまり、モジュール化、クラウド技術、無線通信を基盤に国際物流管理ソリューションを準備しています。これにより輸送計画を最適化、取引先との接 続、貨物の流れの管理、貨物と在庫の追跡などが実現されます。貨物輸送の業務を的確に管理することで運行上の複雑性やコストを下げて他社との差別化を支援します。BAL社ではDSGが提供する様々な機能の中から、特に貨物追跡の機能に的を絞り提供できる機能をご紹介します。
[簡易版] MMTT-B/L番号、又はコンテナ番号により貨物追跡
[詳細版] 輸送状況の可視化-Order 番号等の様々な角度で表示

(source: Descartes Systems website)

Logistics Technology Platform

Logistics Management Software: Network, Applications, Community.

As an industry, logistics is both universal and highly specific. When fully leveraged in the marketplace, it empowers companies to compete and thrive in today’s new world of business.

To help give customers that advantage, Descartes developed the Logistics Technology Platform. Descartes’ Logistics Technology Platform is the simple, elegant synthesis of network, applications and community.

The Logistics Technology Platform fuses the Descartes Global Logistics Network™ (Descartes GLN™), the world’s most extensive logistics network covering multiple transportation modes, with the industry’s broadest array of modular, interoperable web and wireless logistics management solutions. The Logistics Technology Platform leverages the world’s largest multimodal logistics community to enable companies to quickly and cost-effectively connect and collaborate. It’s a new paradigm in logistics technology, designed to help accelerate time-to-value and increase productivity and performance for businesses of all sizes.

The Platform Transforms the Network

The Descartes Global Logistics Network, as the foundation of the Logistics Technology Platform, manages the flow of data and documents that track and control inventory, assets and people in motion. Designed expressly for logistics operations, it is native to the particularities of different transportation modes and country borders. As a state-of-the-art messaging network with wireless capabilities, the Global Logistics Network helps manage business processes in real-time and in-motion. Its capabilities go beyond logistics, supporting common commercial transactions, emerging regulatory compliance documents, and customer specific needs.

The Descartes Global Logistics Network extends its reach using interconnect agreements with other general and logistics-specific networks, to offer access to a wide array of your trading partners. With the flexibility to connect and collaborate in unique ways, companies can effectively route or transform data to and from partners and leverage new and existing Descartes solutions on the network. The Descartes Global Logistics Network allows “low-tech” partners to act and respond with “high-tech” capabilities and connect to the transient partners that exist in many logistics operations. This inherent adaptability creates opportunities to develop logistics business processes that can help customers differentiate from the competition.

The Platform Powers the Applications

Descartes’ Logistics Application Suite offers the industry’s widest array of modular, cloud-based, interoperable web and wireless logistics management applications. These solutions embody Descartes’ deep domain expertise, not merely “check box” functionality. These solutions deliver value for a broad range of logistics intensive organizations whether they purchase transportation, run their own fleet, operate globally or locally, work across air, ocean and ground transportation. Descartes’ comprehensive suite of solutions includes:

Powered by the Logistics Technology Platform, Descartes’ applications are modular and interoperable to allow organizations the flexibility to deploy them quickly within an existing portfolio of solutions. Implementation is streamlined because these solutions use web-native or wireless user interfaces and are pre-integrated with the Descartes Global Logistics Network. With interoperable and multi-party solutions, Descartes delivers functionality with the “1+1=3” effect that can revolutionize a logistics operation’s performance and productivity both within the organization and across a complex network of partners.