ACE Migration – Schedule Adjustment

(Source:  CBP website Tuesday, 2015.9.1 – click here for a larger image )

ACE Mandatory Use Dates – Rescheduled Migration in 2016

What are the ACE Mandatory Use dates?

CBP is working to complete and deploy core trade processing capabilities in ACE by December 2016, a timeline supported by the White House Executive Order issued on February 19, 2014. As part of this transition, three mandatory dates have been established requiring trade users to begin filing electronic data to ACE in lieu of legacy systems: May 1, 2015; November 1, 2015 (starting a transition period leading to February 28, 2016 and July 2016); and October 1, 2016.

With these dates approaching quickly, it is critical for members throughout the trade community to understand how they will be impacted and to prepare accordingly. CBP is encouraging everyone affected to begin transitioning as early as possible to ensure readiness well in advance of the mandatory dates. To determine any impacts to your business, please review the information below to understand upcoming changes and how to prepare.


May 1, 2015: Mandatory use of ACE for all electronic manifest filings

You will be impacted if you: Electronically submit import or export manifest data to CBP
Groups most likely to be impacted: Carriers, Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Service Centers, Exporters

What does it mean?

May 1st is the deadline for all electronic import or export manifest data in ACE. This requirement extends to all modes of transportation – air, rail, ocean, and truck.

Import Manifest
The deadline for ACE Air Manifest continues to be May 1st and CBP will continue routing trade manifest submissions to both ACE Air Manifest and the legacy AMS. However, CBP is providing flexibility for trade to test the system through June 6th when Air AMS will be phased out.

The technical drop for the Air change in ACE will take place on June 6, 2015, to minimize operational impact during the normal work week. As such, June 7, 2015 is the first day on which electronic air import manifests will be processed in ACE.

Accordingly, ABI Air Inbond filers will continue to use QX/WX to allow the air industry additional time to test the system. The effective date for changing from QX/WX to QP/WP is June 7, 2015.

All ABI filers will continue to use the IN query to query Air Bills. The CQ query for air manifests will be available on June 7, 2015. Filers are encouraged to test in these changes in the Certification environment.

The trade should not be impacted by this if they are in compliance with published Implementation Guidelines. Truck, ocean and rail electronic manifest filing is already mandatory in ACE.

Export Manifest Export manifest filing functionality will be available in ACE for filers who wish to submit this data electronically. Paper export manifest filing will still be available following the May 1, 2015 mandatory date but filers are encouraged to volunteer for filing electronic export manifest as soon as the Federal Register Notices (FRNs) announcing these pilots are published. Current Ocean export manifest pilots for the Vessel Transportation Module in the Automated Export System (AES) and the Document Image System have been coded in ACE. These pilots will continue for the time being post May 1, 2015. Mandatory filing of electronic export manifests will follow CBP’s publication of new regulations.